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Previously, Lego official set, The Beatles (Lego 31198) become popular in Hong Kong as we can build all 12 members of MIRROR with this set. Now I would like to present the 2nd version of Lego Mosaic Art – MIRROR, what is built by a new-issued Lego official set, Elvis Presley “The King” (Lego 31204). The colours of the “Elvis Presley” set are more natural than the Beatles, and the assembled portraits are more beautiful. I hope everyone likes it!

You may register a free membership to access the Lego instructions in our website (https://l-hubs.com).

樂高官方套裝披頭士樂隊(Lego 31198)在香港很受歡迎,因為它可以拼砌 男團組合MIRROR 12 名成員。 現在我想介紹第二版的樂高馬賽克藝術 – MIRROR,它是由新發行的樂高官方套裝貓王皮禮士利(樂高 31204)拼砌的。 「貓王」套裝的用色比「披頭四」更自然,拼砌出來的人像更精美,希望大家喜歡!

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