About Us

In European and American countries, Hubs are located in the cities.It means “learning center”, which is similar to Hong Kong’s cram school. However, the cram schools in Hong Kong only provide tuition services for the main subjects, but the Hubs in European and American countries include learning of various interests, such as musical instrument performance, painting, photography, web production, weaving, etc… .
L is the first letter of Learning, and is also the name of God, El. The Bible also calls God Elohim (a plural noun of El, which can be used interchangeably with the singular name El). L-hubs have the meaning of learning-hubs and “El as our centre”.
We hope to provide teaching services beyond mainstream subjects based on the Christian faith, focus on creative education, make use of different teaching materials, and cultivate children’s generic skills through various physical or online courses and (parent-child) workshops. ), to equip children to become talents needed by society in the 21st century.




L,是Learning的首個字母,亦是上帝名字El,聖經亦稱呼上帝為Elohim (El的眾數名詞,可以跟單數名稱El互相通用)。L-hubs既有學習中心(Learning-hub)的意思,亦有以上帝為中心 (El as our centre.)之義。

本公司希望本著基督教信仰,提供主流學科以外的教學服務,聚焦創意教育,運用不同的教學媒介,透過各項實體或網上課程與(親子)工作坊,培養孩子各項共通能力(generic skills),裝備孩子成為廿一世紀社會所需求的人才。