My Dearest Rugeus Hagrid (Robbie Coltrane), R.I.P.!

Every time I watch the “Harry Potter” movie series, though Rugeus Hagrid is huge, as he is always accompanied by various magical beasts that he takes care of, which always gives me an inexplicable sense of intimacy.
Yesterday, I suddenly heard the news about Robbie Coltrane’s passing, everyone feel sorry that Rugeus Hagrid, who played the kind and lovely character, will no longer appear in the new movie! I wish this adorable actor rests in peace!
I’m here to present my final tribute to this great actor with a LEGO mosaic designed for Robbie Coltrane, and I hope you like my design!
These Lego Mosaic Pictures can be built by one set of the Lego official set, Lego Art: Elvis Presley “The King” (Lego 31204).

You may also go to my IG ( to browse my other Lego designs too!

A time-lapse demonstration of building a LEGO mosaic (Hong Kong classic singer Leslie Cheung video:

每次觀賞《哈利波特》電影系列,魯霸.海格(Rugeus Hagrid)雖然身軀龐大,但因為他的出現,總會伴隨著他悉心照顧的各種魔法奇獸,總會給我一種莫名的親切感。昨天,忽聞羅比.寇特蘭(Robbie Coltrane)離世的消息,大家都為這位飾演慈祥可愛的海格,從此不會再在新電影亮相而婉惜!祝願這位親切的演員,一路好走!


這套作品可以用一套官方Lego貓王皮禮士利套裝(Lego 31204)拼砌出來,不需要額外附加任何零件。

歡迎大家到我的IG (瀏覽其他Lego作品!


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