In the Netflix TV drama “The Queen’s Gambit”, Mr. William Shaibel is a janitor at Beth Harmon’s orphanage. He introduces her to the game of chess and opens new doors for the young prodigy.

I would like to present him in the form of Lego Mosaic art. I hope you like my design! 😊

This Lego Mosaic Pictures can be built by the Lego official set, Lego Art: Elvis Presley “The King” (Lego 31204).

在 Netflix 電視劇《后翼棄兵》中,薜波先生(Mr. William Shaibel)是貝絲・哈蒙(Beth Harmon)孤兒院的校工。他向貝絲介紹了國際象棋遊戲,並為這位年輕的神童打開了發展的大門。


這幅樂高積木馬賽克畫像,可以用官方套裝:「貓王」(Lego 31204)的零件砌出。

Lego 31204
Elvis Presley “The King”

You may also go to the Opensea market to purchase the 3D version of this Lego Mosaic Art Picture.