In the movie “The Gladiator”, Maximus Decimus Meridus was a high ranking Roman general in command of multiple Roman legions who served under the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius in his Twelve Year Campaign against the barbarians in Germania. He later served as a Gladiator in the arena after he escaped Commodus. At the end, he succeeded in avenging for his friend and Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius, killed Commodus, regained Roman power, and returned to the Senate, completing the last wish of Marcus Aurelius. 

I would like to present him in the form of Lego Mosaic art. I hope you like my production! 😊

This Lego Mosaic Pictures can be built by the Lego official set, Lego Art: Elvis Presley “The King” (Lego 31204).

在電影《帝國驕雄》/《神鬼戰士》裡,麥西穆斯是一位高級羅馬將軍,他指揮多個羅馬軍團,曾在羅馬皇帝馬庫斯·奧里略(Marcus Aurelius)的12年戰役中與日耳曼尼亞的野蠻人作戰。逃離康莫德斯(Commodus)後,他後來在競技場成為戰無不勝的格鬥士。最終他成功為好友兼羅馬皇帝馬庫斯·奧勒留斯(Marcus Aurelius)報仇,殺死了康莫德斯(Commodus),奪回羅馬政權,還政於元老院,完成馬庫斯·奧勒留斯(Marcus Aurelius)的遺願。

我希望以樂高馬賽克的形式呈現他,希望閣下喜歡這份作品! 😊

這幅樂高積木馬賽克畫像,可以用官方套裝:「貓王」(Lego 31204)的零件砌出。

Lego 31204
Elvis Presley “The King”

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