In the Movie “Back to the Future”, Biff Tannen is a tall, aggressive, and dim-witted bully who obtains what he wants by intimidating others into doing his work for him, or by cheating. He and his family members are shown to misuse idioms in ways that make them appear stupid and pathetic despite their intention to insult or scare. His favourite insult is “butthead”.

I would like to present him in the form of Lego Mosaic art. I hope you like my production! 😊

This Lego Mosaic Pictures can be built by the Lego official set, Lego Art: Elvis Presley “The King” (Lego 31204).

在電影《回到未來》裡,貝夫(Biff Tannen)是一個高大、好鬥、愚蠢的惡霸,他恐嚇他人為他工作或作弊來獲得他想要的東西。他和他的家人時常濫用成語,使他們顯得愚蠢和可悲,儘管他們的意圖是侮辱或恐嚇。他最喜歡的侮辱用詞是“笨蛋”(butthead)。

我希望以樂高馬賽克的形式呈現他希望閣下喜歡這份作品! 😊

這幅樂高積木馬賽克畫像,可以用官方套裝:「貓王」(Lego 31204)的零件砌出。

Lego 31204
Elvis Presley “The King”

You may also go to the Opensea market to purchase the 3D version of this Lego Mosaic Art Picture.